A wee history lesson

Well !!  Here we go ! Another Sunday expedition ……………

The forecast says rain later so – – – –

Out before breakfast the “Old Git” cries !! But the “Old Gal” ain’t so keen on getting wet but he promises it won’t rain 😦

I have to admit that passing the “Kirkstyle” in Dunning without stopping for their usual G&T , is a bit of a wrench , but it’s a bit early – before opening – anyway !!

Forteviot is a further 3.5 miles but well worth the effort .

The houses were rebuilt for the workers of Dupplin Estate in 1927 and are beautifully maintained . A resident called David was kind enough to take our photo and fill us in on a little bit of history about the place.


Forteviot was a Pictish capital of Scotland and where King Kenneth MacAlpin died in the 9th Century. I must say I was very impressed !


AND !! after an easy 8 mile ride home , the rain starts to spit –  just as we get the garage door open – so I didn’t get wet !! ( ……and neither did the “Old Gal” !)