“But you’ll look sweet, Upon the seat, Of a bicycle made for two.”
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Welcome to Matilda’s Musings!

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Matildas Musings is a fun award winning blog about two crazy 60-somethings who happened to fall in love – after going on a tandem ride on a blind date – and bought a tandem to have a “something different” hobby for their new life together in Auchterarder in Perthshire.

The innovative blog is actually  “written” by Matilda – the “old lady” classic tandem – and features her Musings about her adventures, trials and tribulations with her “dynamic crew” on a bicycle made for two, and features self-deprecating humorous tales of her adventures on the road focusing on tourism and food & drink experiences en route in Scotland and abroad!

The whole ethos of Matildas Musings is to show that tandeming is “twice the fun” than riding solo bikes. At its heart is two mottos which her riders live by – namely that “It’s always better when we’re tandeming together” and “It’s the smiles not the miles that count!”

Matilda the media star!

Perhaps not surprisingly the UK’s only blogging tandem has caught the imagination of the media over the years!

Recently – just after the 1st Covid-19 lockdown restrictions were eased – Matildas Musings was subject of this feature in the Perthshire Advertiser which focused on a post entitled: “40 tandem rides in 40 photos – surviving lockdown on a bicycle made for two!” 

You can read about the fun “sliding doors moment” of how my dynamic crew got together on a tandem-biking blind date (yes really!) in this article from Sustrans – who look after The National Cycle Network; and also in another article in the digital The Perthshire Magazine.

Read more about my dynamic crew’s joy of doubling up in this article from the Strathallan Times – when Matildas Musings became a finalist in the innovation category of the UK Blog Awards 2016.

There’s also this humorous On a Bicycle Made for Two in Highland Perthshire which appeared on the Rannoch and Tummel tourism website; and this article which appeared in Scottish Cycling magazine.

Matildas Musings featured on BBC Radio Scotland’s Out of Doors programme on the joys of tandeming – click below to take a listen to find out more…

The blog has also picked up a couple of gongs or commendations. It is listed on the ’50 Best Pro Cycling Blogs Beginners Should Follow‘ by ApexBikes and also on the ‘Top 100 Cycling Blogs Every Bike Fan Must Read‘ by Feedspot.







Matildas Musings is infamous for our annual tours!

The regular blogs are usually about routes in Scotland. But back in 2014, during a bout of madness (or an alcohol induced moment of bravado) Team Matilda decided to book a tandem cycling holiday to France to indulge their new hobby and combine it with their pre-existing indulgence for enjoying nice wines! In September that year they set off on Le Tour de Vineyards and Villages of Burgundy – a route covering 150 miles of French countryside (with plenty of stops to sample the local wine!)

It was such fun that there has been an annual pilgrimage since with 2015 being Le Tour de Vineyards and Beaches of Bordeaux and 2016 saw Le Tour de Vineyards and Chateaux of the Loire Valley. 2017 saw a mini Euro tour – taking in three routes, firstly in North Holland and then Le Tour de Alsace et Champagne – covering 300 miles. Quite a coincidence how often the tours seem to tandem through some of the world’s top vineyards!

Due to sad personal circumstances there was no 2018 tour. But 2019 saw a tour a bit closer to home (with gin distilleries replacing the vineyards!) on an amazing ride along the Hebridean Way – with the resulting blog aiming to be the definitive guide to tandeming ‘on the edge’ of Scotland! 

Foreign travel restrictions imposed by Covid-19 meant that the 2020 event was a Tour of Worcestershire – with our fellow founding members of the self-proclaimed Nutty Tandemers Club.

The main characters in the blog are:

Matildaaka the “old lady”, the classic Jack Taylor British-built tandem, who is also a 50-something and also somewhat overweight as she sports her original steel (not light aluminium) frame and some sexy matching panniers. But once she is wound up, she is a real goer and loves nothing more than being a racy lady feeling the wind whizzing between her spokes!

Chief Stoker – aka Diane Lockhart, the other “old gal” on the team who combines her duties of using her youthful energy to faithfully stoke the power to the pedals with her patience and good humour required to be Chief Engineer. Often heard saying: “Of course I’m pedalling” and “Can we move down a gear, this is supposed to be fun!”

Chief Pilotaka Colin Calder, the “old git” on the team who refuses to let long distance, a big hill, or wet weather get in the way of a good tandem ride and who combines his duties of route planning with a meticulous (and often annoying) attention to fine detail. Often heard saying: “Di – are you pedalling?” and “Di, can you fix this!”

We hope you enjoy and have a good laugh at Matilda’s Musings – it is certainly not meant to be taken seriously!

Please sign up on the link on the home page to follow the blog and you will get an email update when a new post appears!

You can also click on the links on my home page – or the sidebar – to visit and sign up to MatildasMusings own Facebook page,  Twitter feed, and Youtube channel.

If you want to get in touch with the mad tandemers then please use the contact box below the video. We will be delighted to hear from you – as long as you don’t ask if Di has to pedal too!!

Colin and Diane

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