Lockdown2 Ride6 – Keen as (french) mustard on pedal to La French Epicerie in Bridge of Allan with la pique-nique (shh!) – and BIKE Magazine feature.

The recently opened La French Epicerie – a fab deli with lots of goodies to takeaway!

This blog is the story of how my dynamic crew enjoyed #Lockdown2 Ride6 with a keen as (French!) mustard #tandem to La French Epicerie in Bridge of Allan with la pique-nique! Shhh! There’s also news of a feature on Team Matilda in BIKE Magazine.

It’s no secret that the “old git” and “old gal” like their ‘petit peu de français’ – with Team Matilda having toured the country by tandem on many occasions. So when the “old git” heard about a new highly recommended French deli having opened in Bridge of Allan – there was only one destination for this pedal! And fortunately conditions were dry, but cloudy and relatively calm for their sixth fun #lockdown adventure – while adopting Cycling UK Scotland‘s #cyclingfromhome mantra in #tandem in rural Perthshire, mainly on Sustrans Scotland and The National Cycle Network routes.

You can check out the details of our route by clicking on the Strava map below.

But before we get to the pedalling there was more welcome publicity for Team Matilda as we were featured in the March issue of BIKE Magazine Europe – over 5 pages in glorious technicolour!

The article – which was written by the “old git” – focuses on surviving #lockdown on a bicycle made for two, and the increasing popularity of my blog. It also highlights the growing Tandem Club UK membership numbers, showing the rapidly rising popularity of riding a #tandem!

The magazine is an on-line publication so click on the screen grabs of the feature below, and expand to read! Or you can click here and flick to page 62! (Subscription may be required.)

Bike Magazine feature – pages 62 and 63

Bike Magazine feature – pages 64 and 65

Bike Magazine feature – page 66.

So to our ride – we headed out of our home base town of Auchterarder past Gleneagles and out towards Braco. We then headed to Dunblane – stopping at the A9 flyover which showed the main trunk road was still fairly quiet as a result of drivers following #lockdown rules.

A9 Flyover at Dunblane – still fairly quiet due to #Lockdown2

Pedalling on we dropped down to Bridge of Allan and quickly found La French Epicerie on the high street – a recently opened deli with lots of authentic French culinary goodies on offer.

In fact this “old lady” tandem was ‘as keen as mustard’ to show our purchases, including Team Matilda’s favourite brand of French mustard – Edmond Fallot including a much sought after cassis moutarde! Team Matilda first discovered this ‘real’ French mustard in its home manufacturing town of Beaune during their Tour de Burgundy.

As keen as mustard to show our purchase of our favourite brand of Edmond Fallot mustard.

Gregory, the French owner, came on holiday to Scotland from Lyon with his wife Corrine – and they fell in love with the country and decided to uproot from France and set up in business here. Fabulous story and a great way to start a business! You need to pay a visit!

I was quite overawed at this man with a French accent, and this “old lady” tandem quickly became ‘Gregory’s Girl’ and took quite a shine to Gregory .. or maybe it was his sugar coated almond tarts!

Gregory’s Girl – I took quite a shine to Gregory – or maybe it was his almond tarts!!!!

Purchases made Team Matilda found a “non-picnic” bench to have la pique-nique! (which is obviously ok as it is the French version!)

Luckily we found a ‘non picnic’ bench to have la pique-nique!

The “old gal” was delighted with her selection of French smoked sausage and cheese, while the “old git” had a traditional baguette with ham and Comte cheese – while both had some of that yummy sugar coated almond tart with strong coffee!

The “old gal” happy with the French goodies purchased for la pique-nique.

But what was in their glass! Shhhh … you know what?! Clue: It was Team Matilda’s favourite “tonic”! Just don’t tell Nicola! (But for the avoidance of doubt … this is all tongue-in-cheek!)

But what’s in the glass?! Shhh … you know what?! Clue: Team Matilda’s “tonic”!

A superb selection for la pique-nique – and the good news is that La French Epicerie is planning to add French cheese and wine to their range soon … and knowing my dynamic crew’s penchant for le fromage et le vin, there is no doubt Team Matilda will be making a return visit!

Re-fuelled we set off on the return leg enjoying the ease at which we climbed some of the hills – a direct and noticeable benefit for Team Matilda’s combined 4 stone weight loss.

The “old gal” – who you’ll remember “doesn’t do hills” was even heard to say that this was so much easier! Maybe my dynamic crew do do hills now!

On the way back the results of la pique-nique required a loo stop – and the only place that was open with a loo was the M&S Foodhall in Dunblane … so, to coin a phrase from their adverts, “it wasn’t just any loo stop” – obviously!

To coin a phrase from their adverts, “it wasn’t just any loo stop” – obviously!

There was even the joy of breaking Team Matilda’s speed camera records on two cameras coming back into Auchterarder – setting new high’s of 26 mph (on the downhill one) and 24 mph (on the flat!) As we always say – simple pleasures!

There was a real feelgood factor when we returned to Matildas Rest – having clocked another 36 miles onto the #Lockdown2 milometer – which now sits at 134 miles for the 6 rides completed so far.

Back at Matildas Rest – with a huge feelgood factor after a fantastic outing – the “old git” checked Strava which officially recorded the ride as as being worthy of an amazing 31 gongs – including four personal bests; 15 2nd bests; and 10 3rd bests! And incredibly once again the other 2 gongs were for being awarded “local legend” status on a sector – this time in both directions!

The detailed Strava figures showed my dynamic crew tandemed a distance of 36.0 miles with a moving time of 2 hours 53 minutes. The average speed was a healthy 12.5 mph despite the always present wind! Elevation was 1,950 feet. The maximum speed was 30.9 mph and Team Matilda managed to burn up 2,326 calories and produce an average power output of 193 W.

As always the route is brought to life in our Relive 3D mapping video – so click here to view, or on the image below.

Once again there were hugely positive feelings from #Lockdown2 Ride6. My dynamic crew continue to feel lucky, fortunate and blessed to be able to keep healthy – mentally and physically – with our madcap #tandem adventures on a bicycle made for two in our rural Perth and Kinross Cycle CampaignPerth and Kinross Countryside TrustAuchterarder Community Cycling and Love Perthshire area.

Roll on the next fun spirit-lifting #tandem pedal!

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