A coffee table book of my Musings, lots of tandeming Christmas gifts, and Happy New Year wishes for 2021!!

My new Matildas Musings blog book recounts the fun on the 2020 Nutty Tandemers Club Tour!

Excitement reached fever pitch at Matilda’s Rest when Christmas Day finally arrived! The “old git” – who should really be re-named Santa over the festive period! – made sure everyone had their ‘ho! ho! ho!’ on, whether they wanted to or not!

On Christmas Eve the “old gal” even put on her Christmas jumper to signal she was in the mood for Santa’s arrival! She had whispered to me that there were probably going to be a tandeming related present or two so I was hardly able to contain myself!

And I knew the “old git” had been planning something with my blog as a present for the “old gal” so it was an exciting time! I could hardly sleep and I am sure I heard Santa’s jingle bells as he and Rudolph delivered his presents around rural Perthshire …. naturally in #tandem!

The “old git” was up early on Christmas morning making sure that Santa had arrived – and he certainly delivered … filling the “old gal’s” stockings to overflowing … and he even dropped a few presents in the “old git’s” stockings too! (Yes he does have some …. weird or what!)

Then it was time for my dynamic duo to tear open their presents. The thing the “old git” had been secretly scheming away about was turning all my Musings about our brilliant 2020 Le Tour de Worcs and Warks with the Nutty Tandemers Club into a beautiful hard-back glossy coffee table-style book.

My Musings of our brilliant Nutty Tandemers Club trip turned into a glossy coffee table book.

I must say even I was impressed at the what the “old git” had achieved – and you know I’m not easily impressed! … and as for the “old gal” well she thought it was brilliant! There was even a wee tear in her eye as she read the “old git’s” soppy dedication at the front of the book! Awh shucks!

Each page is in glossy colour and the book is essentially a full record of each day of my blog – including all the photos – as they appeared in my on-line blog! A great permanent record of a fabulous trip! And great fun to flick through and bring back those memories of my dynamic duo’s days in my saddles … oh and not forgetting those amazing prosecco picnics!

And as a special festive season treat for readers of my blog you can take a look at the complete book (in a pdf version) by clicking on the title of the book here or on the photo above: Le Tour de Worcs and Warks with the Nutty Tandemers Club.

I do hope you enjoy re-reading it all again, as much as me and the “old gal” did!

The Nutty Tandemers Club annual calendar on the left and Team Matilda’s on the right.

The Nutty Tandemers Club 2020 Tour de Worcestershire and Warwickshire was a truly memorable week in #tandem as my dynamic crew were hosted by Jane and John as fellow founding (and only!) members of the self-proclaimed and highly exclusive Nutty Tandemers Club.

Jane and John  – who have their own Travelling In Tandem blog – have the same nutty attitude to tandeming as the “old git” and “old gal” and for what was the fifth annual tour Team Matilda were fortunate to be invited to their new home base of Redditch in Worcestershire in September. Fortunately a relaxation of Covid rules allowed the crews to enjoy a fabulous fun-filled sun-kissed week of tandeming, with plenty of prosecco thrown in purely for hydration purposes!

So naturally my dynamic crew organised a present on my behalf for John and Jane – and designed a personalised Nutty Tandemers Club 2021calendar – with each month having a great memory from our wonderful week together. And, of course, plenty of dates for the 2021 tour!

This multi photo frame contains the best images of our NTC 2020 tour!

There were plenty of #tandem related gifts for my dynamic crew to open too! The “old git” had pulled together the best images of our Nutty Tandemers 2020 tour in a multi photo frame for the “old gal.”

And there was the joint present of new cycling jerseys for my dynamic crew. Regular blog readers will know the “old gal” and “old git” like their bright colours and have a preference for orange – as per their helmets and shoes! So what could be better than the jersey of the CCC pro-cycling team – whose team colours just happen to be bright orange!

They certainly won’t go unnoticed in those! And the “old git” was particularly pleased as his real name is Colin and has changed the meaning of the CCC initials emblazed on the front to advertise a Polish shoe chain, to be Colin’s Cycling Club! Naturally he immediately invited the “old gal” to be the only other member of his club! And she accepted!

The last present was Primrose – the cycling duck! The wooden decorative duck, part of the dcuk collection, was a present from one of the “old gal’s” friends and came complete with helmet and pink jersey! How thoughtful!

Primrose – the cycling duck! Complete with helmet and pink jersey! How thoughtful!

As the year comes to a close my dynamic crew are feeling quite chuffed with themselves after looking over the detailed results from their #tandem efforts revealed by Strava’s 2020 #YearInSport.

Clearly there was a Covid lockdown effect in the figures – but my Captain and Stoker covered 1738 miles in 2020 – which would have taken us as far as Marrakech in Morocco or Istanbul in Turkey if we had kept pedalling in a straight line from our Perthshire base!

The mileage is up a healthy 46% on 2019’s 1190 miles – mainly due to the number of rides jumping 86% to 65, up from 35. Most of the extra rides were during the lockdown period from April to June.

The elevation gain was 71,933 feet – which is the equivalent of climbing Mount Everest 2.5 times! This is something my Stoker is particularly proud of – and the elevation was up (literally up and up!) an amazing 52% on 2019’s total of 47,372 feet.

2.5 times Mount Everest!

Total time pedalling was 146.3 hours – or 6 full days in the saddles – up 22% on 120 hours the year before. The average speed over 2020 was 11.9 mph – which marked a significant 20% boost on 9.9 mph in 2019.

Huge number of sMiles along with all those miles for my dynamic crew, showing that is always the smiles not the miles that count! However I do think they will be having a glass of their signature #prosecco to celebrate these figures!

6 full days in my saddles!

This blog is of course great fun to write and I am delighted to report that over the year, according to host WordPress, although my Matildas Musings blog has published just 13 new posts – mainly due to the Covid effect – it has still attracted a record total of nearly 7,700 views from over 60 different countries around the globe.

Matildas Musings blog feed.

The most popular countries are the UK, followed by the USA, Canada, Germany, France and the Netherlands. But my worldwide appeal sees my blogs being red as far afield as Australia, the Philippines, Colombia, United Arab Emirates, China, Chile, and Malaysia.

So, to everyone who has read a blog post – a huge thank you!

And thanks for all your messages of support – whether that be a comment on my blog, or on my Matildas Musings FacebookTwitter Youtube or Strava feeds. If you want to follow me on any of my social media feeds, simply hit any of the images below to access my pages, and then hit follow or subscribe.

Matildas Musings Facebook feed.

Matildas Musings Twitter feed.

Matildas Musings YouTube feed.

Matildas Musings Strava feed.

Team Matildas Musings sincerely hope you continue to find the adventures of the UK’s only blogging tandem entertaining – and that it makes you smile – while finding something that you (as fellow non-professional fun-loving fellow tandemers) can relate to!

And as we approach the bells to mark the end of 2020 – on behalf of my dynamic crew – let me wish you all the best for 2021 … and a safe and better year ahead  … as well as many happy tandeming miles together for you and your team!

Here’s to more fun and nutty adventures in 2021 for Team Matildas Musings as “it’s always better when we’re tandeming together!”


Exploding prosecco! Cheers for a better – and safe – 2021 from Team Matilda!

4 thoughts on “A coffee table book of my Musings, lots of tandeming Christmas gifts, and Happy New Year wishes for 2021!!

  1. After reading this I’m starting to think of orange as the go-to Christmas colour, rather than red! And Primrose the cycling duck takes bright colours to the next level! Despite a year of lockdowns and moments of doom and gloom, congratulations on Matilda’s achievements and here’s to happy tandeming in 2021!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Skelbo Cyclist… yes a tough year but hoping for better things … and lots more nuttiness … in 2021. Happy New Year to you all! And yes orange is way to go! And that must be first blog comment from you in 2020 that did not include a pun!!!!


  2. It really has been a very strange year but at the same time been a good one for cycling, good weather, quiet roads ( especially in spring) and new places to discover, however not so many cake stop opportunities 🍰 . Picnics and gallons of Prosecco though 😀. Your fellow Nutty Tandemers wish you many more smiles and miles in 2021 and let’s hope there eventually will be more safe normality.

    Liked by 1 person

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