40 tandem rides; 40 tandem photos – surviving lockdown on a bicycle made for two!

My dynamic crew feel very fortunate and blessed to have survived the Covid-19 lockdown period thanks to their exercise regime of regular fun adventures while adopting Cycling UK Scotland‘s #cyclingfromhome mantra in #tandem in rural Perthshire.

As the UK’s only blogging tandem I decided to put together this photo timeline of Team Matilda’s life during the pandemic, with a photo from each of their 40 lockdown rides – clocking up 1000 miles on a bicycle made for two.

With many of the routes from our base in Auchterarder in Perthshire often being repeated due to the limited options, my dynamic crew’s aim was to make each ride different or memorable – living up to their own twin mottos that “its the smiles not the miles that count!” and “it’s always better when we are tandeming together!”

This blog aims to create a simple pictorial chronological record of the “old git” and the “old gal” during the three months of strict lockdown restrictions – detailing their madcap adventures which kept my dynamic crew healthy, both mentally and physically.

Click on any of the images to enlarge them, or click on the Strava link for full details of each route.

Ride 1 – Sunday, 5 April 2020
Gander to Gloagburn Farm Shop for essential provisions on exercise allowance ride

This unusual road sign seemed to emphasise the need to look out for others during lockdown.

Ride 2 – Wednesday, 8 April 2020
Dauner to Dunblane into the headwind with a quick socially distancing picnic

Socially isolating picnic … tho did forget to flip the timer selfie shot so everything is back to front!

Ride 3 – Friday, 10 April 2020
Good Friday flutter to Forteviot in the Easter sunshine

First appearance of bare legs for the “old git” at Forteviot – an ancient Pictish capital of Scotland.

Ride 4 – Monday, 13 April 2020
Easter Monday meander to Comrie with socially distancing riverside picnic toast

A fabulous private picnic spot on the River Earn near Comrie – bliss despite it being a tad chilly!

Ride 5 – Wednesday, 15 April 2020
Bowling along to Bridge of Earn in sunshine for essential supplies but battling headwind

We had sharp retort to “You’re not socially distanced on a tandem” of “It’s ok, we’re sleeping together!”

Ride 6 – Friday, 17 April 2020
Hilly and windy loop taking in Gleneagles, Blackford, empty A9, Badrill and Duchally

Friday rush hour on the A9 trunk route north to Inverness – not a car to be seen!

Ride 7 – Sunday, 19 April 2020
8th anniversary tandem ride to Gloagburn Farm Shop for essential supplies

A sunny pedal to Gloagburn Farm Shop for my dynamic crew with a toast to 8 fab years together!

Ride 8 – Tuesday, 21 April 2020
Windy dander to Duchally on hilly loop around Gleneagles, Blackford, an eerily quiet A9

Lovely and sunny but a brutal headwind made it tough going tho added to the exercise quotient.

Ride 9 – Thursday, 23 April 2020
Sun lotion clad canter to Comrie with a socially distanced riverside picnic

Great for my dynamic crew to feel some warmth in the sun at a perfect picnic spot in rural Perthshire.

Ride 10 – Saturday, 25 April 2020
Fabulous sunny warm tandem to Bridge of Earn on exercise ride

Tandem perfect excercise ride to “the brig” at Bridge of Earn in warm sunshine with no headwind!

Ride 11 – Tuesday, 28 April 2020
Matilda revisits the Muthill Sportive Yellow Route loop

Fab to see old local phone box turned into Muthill Community Larder during Covid-19 crisis.

Ride 12 –
Sunny Saturday saunter to Gloagburn Farm Shop for an essential aubergine

Great to see Gloagburn Farm Shop remaining open – selling essential food – socially distanced of course.

Ride 13 – Monday, 4 May 2020
Post fence painting late afternoon loop around Gleneagles, Blackford, and Duchally

No stopping nature! Uplifting to see the yellow on the broom in sunshine after fence painting day.

Ride 14 – Wednesday, 6 May 2020
Warm sunny ride to Comrie with quick socially distanced riverside picnic

Great for lockdown body and soul to feel the heat from the sun with no wind on our ride to Comrie.

Ride 15 – Saturday, 9 May 2020
Tandem sod’s law! Actually 28.8mi but Strava operator error on warm tandem to Bridge of Earn

My stoker practicing socially distancing while on her phone at picnic stop at Bridge of Earn!

Ride 16 – Monday, 11 May 2020
Sunny but windy tandem to Dunblane with DIY cake stop at Kinbuck

An eerily quiet A9 at Dunblane flyover as drivers obeyed “don’t drive” lockdown guidelines.

Ride 17 – Wednesday, 13 May 2020
Midweek tandem to Gloagburn Farm Shop for fruit with detour to Tullibardine Chapel on return

New route on way home with a detour to  the historic 15th Century Tullibardine Chapel.

Ride 18 – Friday, 15 May 2020
Team Matilda clocks up 5000th tandem mile on celebration ride with prosecco … and a puncture!

Photographic proof of 5000th tandem miles since we started tandeming – clocked up on ride to Arbroath.

Ride 19 – Sunday, 24 May 2020
New short loop down Easthill to Tullibardine Chapel then round Gleneagles and Duchally

No one in! The deserted luxury Gleneagles Hotel, completely closed due to Covid-19 lockdown.

Ride 20 – Wednesday, 20 May 2020
Birthday ride with a gin pit stop with friends socially distanced over the fence on way home

Lockdown birthday gin toast with Andrew and Jane … socially distanced … over their garden fence!

Ride 21 – Thursday, 21 May 2020
Sunny loop and home to strawberry cream tea – surprise delivery from Stoker’s granddaughter Ella

Home baking was big during lockdown. This was a surprise delivery from Stoker’s grandaughter Ella.

Ride 22 – Sunday, 24 May 2020
Blowy ride thru Machany, Tullibardine Chapel, and the deserted Gleneagles Hotel grounds

Glneagles is the playground of the rich … but even the rich can’t play so all the golf carts are locked up.

Ride 23 – Monday, 25 May 2020
King of Mountain tandem to Gloagburn on successful quest for elusive flour for home baking!

Mission accomplished! Ample supplies of elusive flour at Gloagburn … required for home baking!

Ride 24 – Thursday, 28 May 2020
Post repairs to broken spokes tandem to Comrie for picnic on warmest day of year (so far!)

The Standing Stones at Comrie have stood the test of time and will be there long beyond lockdown.

Ride 25 – Sunday, 31 May 2020
Matilda sports a new shiny horn on warm sunny ride to Bridge of Earn – with divine intervention!

The “old gal” decided to adopt a new strategy seeking divine intervention to tackle the hills!

Ride 26 – Tuesday, 2 June 2020
Local loop before the rain through the grounds of Gleneagles where golf has re-opened

Stoker had to smile at one of the new ‘Play it Safe’ rules … “Don’t touch your opponents’ balls!”

Ride 27 – Thursday, 4 June 2020
Supposed to be regular Gleneagles loop in window between showers … but forecast was wrong! 

Where’s the doorman for the valet tandem parking? Gleneagles Hotel doors still firmly closed.

Ride 28 – Saturday, 6 June 2020
New Matildas Musings water bottles on ride to Gloagburn Farm Shop for tahini paste (as you do!)

Shiny new water bottles for my Captain and Stoker arrived in time for today’s ride!

Ride 29 – Monday, 8 June 2020
Decadent fresh local strawberries and prosecco on fab ride featuring Muthill Sportive Yellow Route

Lockdown treat! Decadent picnic with locally grown super sweet strawberries and prosecco!

Ride 30 – Thursday, 11 June 2020
Not just any picnic – but a M&S picnic!! … on our first ever ride to Bridge of Allan 

Not just any picnic…but a M&S picnic ! And very yummy it was too … washed down with cocktails!

Ride 31 – Monday, 15 June 2020
Haar, haar! Hitting 800 lockdown miles on a murky ride to Bridge of Earn thru low cloud and drizzle

My Stoker chilling after being amazed to discover we have peddled 800 miles during lockdown!

Ride 32 – Thursday, 18 June 2020
Perfect pedal to prosecco picnic … and paddle!! … at picturesque riverside spot at Comrie

My Captain insisted it was warm enough for a paddle – it wasn’t!!!! So much for his bravado!

Ride 33 – Saturday, 20 June 2020
Harris gin martinis – recreating memorable shaken not stirred distillery ‘lock-in’ exactly a year ago

Cheers! Harris Gin Martinis on the decking with fab memories of our epic HebWay trip a year ago.

Ride 34 – Monday, 22 June 2020
Completing our virtual lockdown JoGLE distance of 874 miles on local loop to beat the rain

My dynamic crew completed their virtual JoGLE clocking up their  874 lockdown mile in tandem!

Ride 35 – Wednesday, 24 June 2020
Sunny pedal to Bridge of Allan to see friends Dot and Bill for a great long leisurely prosecco lunch

Photo with Dot and Bill in their fabulous garden in gorgeous warm sunshine before the 4 hour lunch!

Ride 36 – Saturday, 27 June 2020
Early local loop around Tullibardine and Duchally finishing seconds before the rain started!

My trusty Stoker celebrating after achieving a PB on the Tullibardine Chapel Hill climb! Phew!

Ride 37 – Thursday, 2 July 2020
Afternoon pedal to Bridge of Earn with my Captain nursing a thigh strain from about 5 miles!

A painful pedal for my Captain who picked up a thigh strain around Forteviot that required painkillers.

Ride 38 – Monday, 6 July 2020
Freedom tandem to Gloagburn Farm Shop for an alfresco coffee and cake pitstop

Lockdown restrictions starting to ease a bit allowing an alfresco coffee and cake in the outdoor cafe.

Ride 39 – Wednesday, 8 July 2020
Leisurely pedal thru grounds of re-opening Gleneagles Hotel and around Tullibardine 

Perfect reflection on a mini loch within the manicured grounds of five-star Gleneagles Hotel.

Ride 40 – Saturday, 11 July 2020
Clocking up 1000th tandem lockdown mile on pedal to Arbroath for prosecco fish and chips!

Selfie congratulations time! My Captain and Stoker celebrate clocking up 1000 miles during lockdown.

So, that is 40 tandem rides; 40 tandem photos; how Team Matilda survived lockdown restrictions while pedalling 1000 miles on a bicycle built for two in rural Perthshire.

The timing of the 1000th mile ride was perfect as the “old gal” was re-opening her Number Fifty Seven Hair Salon 💇‍♀️ in Auchterarder – under the new Scottish Government guidelines – just a few days later, as the “new normal” that is post lockdown life got underway.

For the record the calculations show that over the 40 lockdown rides, the exact total mileage was 1039 miles, with my dynamic crew spending 84 hours in my saddles. The average speed was 12.4 mph.

Total elevation was an outstanding 46,023 feet or just over 1.5 times the height of Mount Everest! That is definitely a statistic that the “old gal” – who doesn’t do hills – is going to impress her friends with!

The elevation statistics certainly prove that Team Matilda’s home base of Auchterarder has one similarity to Rome – being built on hills! All that #cyclingfromhome meant that which ever route my dynamic crew took – there was always a killer uphill section to finish!

Looking back it was a highly positive experience for the “old git” and the “old gal” and Team Matilda hope you enjoyed our pictorial chronological record of surviving lockdown on a bicycle made for two!

Please feel free to leave a comment below as it’s always good to hear from readers of my blog.

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