Tour de Blackford to help launch Blackford Paths Network project

Two tandems and folk group Tarneybackle ready to lead the Blackford Paths Network launch ride.

It is always exciting to get an invitation! And this “old lady” tandem was very impressed to receive an invitation to help promote the launch of a new cycle paths project in our area! According to the invite it seems that I am now a bit of a local celebrity – and my presence would help raise awareness for the campaign! Amazing but true!

Yes Team Matilda’s notoriety had been noticed by the Blackford Community Council – in the next village along from Matilda’s Rest in Auchterarder. It has set up the Blackford Paths Network project which aims to create a network of safe off-road cycle and walking paths around Blackford – and in particular routes to our home town of Auchterarder and Gleneagles railway station.

The project was holding a Drop in Consultation event at the Moray Institute and I was invited to help lead a “Tour de Blackford” cycle ride to create some interest and encourage local people to take part in survey about what routes they would like to see in the area. How could I possibly refuse?!

All kitted up with the Blackford Paths Network logo.

The “old git” got me all kitted up looking resplendent with the Blackford Paths Network logo so that I would be easily recognised – as if I wouldn’t! But just to make sure there was a lovely pre-event picture of me in the Dundee Courier to highlight the event.

Fame! Here I am pictured in The Courier promoting the launch ride and event.

The organisers had asked that me and my dynamic crew would team up with local folk trio Tarneybackle, and another local tandem, to lead a cycle round the village in a bid to drum up support for the event. But first we had to tandem to Blackford – which only underlined the need for new cycle paths! You can check out the details of our route on Strava below – and don’t forget to click on the map image to be transferred to Strava to get the full data and statistics! 

In order to avoid the dangers of the A9  dual carriageway – and 4 lanes of 70mph traffic – which is the direct vehicle route between Auchterarder and Blackford, we headed off on the windy Bardrill Road. It was a joy for Team Matilda to be out pedalling along breathing in the fresh air basking in the sun in the beautiful Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust and Perth and Kinross Council area near Perth City Centre. A perfect day to celebrate being a Perth 2021 supporter!

But the “old gal” had been warned in advance about the state of this farm road – which has a very poor surface riddled with huge potholes. As the “old git” gingerly tried to pick a path between them he wittily suggested that as some of the pot holes were so deep – and filled with rain water – that they would make a decent swimming pool! Oh how we laughed – not!

A bend littered with stones on the alternative Badrill Road route to avoid the dangerous A9.

One of the bends on the route is locally known as “sand corner” and it was easy to see why. Except that it should have been renamed “rubble corner” such was the state of the rough bumpy surface of stones left after prolonged rain erosion.

The next problem came at the end of the farm road where the only alternative is to literally dice with death and attempt the “killer crossing”over the 4 lanes of the dual carriageway – while avoiding getting sucked into the blast of passing trucks and lorries.

Another key danger is a “killer crossing” over 4 lanes of 70mph traffic on the A9 to access Blackford.

After a significant wait for a suitable gap, we were able to make a dash for it and cross the road – but with my crew’s hearts in a  bit of a flutter. Certainly a crossing to be avoided unless absolutely necessary! So Team Matilda arrived in one piece (just!) at the Moray Institute and met up with lots of other bikes for the “Tour de Blackford.”

Tandemers and cyclists gather at the Moray Institute for the Tour de Blackford!

After I made my acquaintance with the other local tandem – known simply as “The Bike”! – crewed by Blackford resident Bob Watkinson and his stoker Marguerite – we met the “Tarneybackle Tourists” John, Lorna and Sandy, before setting off on the ride round the village in bright sunshine. The “old git” was in his element – happy to parp my horn to make sure the ride got noticed and to remind locals to pop into the consultation event and fill in the survey.

Thumbs up from the “old git” as Team Matilda leads the promotional ride thru Blackford!

Here I am beside “the Bike” – the other tandem crewed by Bob and Marguerite.

I got to parp my horn lots on The Tour de Blackford to raise awareness for the launch event!

After the ride we had to pose for promotional pictures at the entrance to the village.

After three laps we cycled to the entrance to the village for a promotional photo shoot, before returning to the Moray Institute to take part in the official consultation event – which was designed to give an opportunity for cyclists, walkers and residents to share ideas on the paths project and look at maps of possible routes from Blackford to the Auchterarder area. To add to the event’s appeal Tarneybackle also performed a few familiar folk songs – while still wearing their cycling gear!

The “old gal” taking part in the consultation event to launch the Blackford Paths Network.

Blackford based folk group Tarneybackle performed at the launch event.

Funding for the Blackford Paths Network project has so far come from Tactran (the Tayside and Central Scotland Transport Partnership) and the Climate Change Development Fund. After the survey period, the next stage is that the projects consultant will report back over the next two months on what are the best and safest routes.  The consultant will then survey those routes to provide costings so that the project can put in applications for funding to provide proper safe off road paths.

The “old gal” with Janet Law from Blackford Community Council and consultant Crispin Hayes.

After filling in the survey my dynamic crew got back on my saddles to head home home. But, in a bitter irony, we unfortunately experienced first hand just how badly proper cycle paths are needed in the area. I suffered a painful injury on the return tandem journey along Bardrill Road – when I damaged one of my spokes on my rear wheel on an awful pothole which was disguised as a puddle! Ouch!

Ouch! I damaged a rear wheel spoke on a huge pothole on the pedal home.

My dynamic crew initially thought I had suffered a broken spoke – but fortunately an inspection of the damage revealed that my spoke has just worked lose and required a bit of tightening. Phew! A bit of relief as I thought I would have to be paying a visit to the tandem doctors!

Back at Matildas Rest and time for the “old git” to check the figures on Strava which officially recorded the ride as covering a distance of  15.7 miles with a total moving time of 1 hour 42 minutes, at an average speed of 9.2 mph. Top speed recorded was 28.2 mph and the elevation covered was 403 feet. We managed to burn up 993 calories, and produced an estimated average power output of 145 W.

And there was more fame to come when Team Matilda adorned a great post event article in the Dundee Courier the next day.

More fame! Team Matilda pictured in a great article in The Courier after the launch event.

All in all a good fun day to launch the Blackford Paths Project, which Team Matilda were delighted to be involved in – even if I did suffer a painful injury! And it will be fantastic if the initial consultation achieves its aims of much needed new cycle paths around a very scenic part of Perthshire.

My spokes (both damaged and undamaged) are firmly crossed!

4 thoughts on “Tour de Blackford to help launch Blackford Paths Network project

  1. Well done on your promotional work Matilda. Am sure you have your spokes crossed that the consultations and surveys all go ahead smoothly and the smooth cycle paths don’t get all tied up in red tape.


  2. Hi there Matty. It’s been a while ! Sounds like the old dears gave you a really good run out in spite of almost killing you en route to Blackford. So glad you made the crossing safely. Be careful in future of these gentle runs. All is not always as it seems! At least it got the juices – sorry oils – flowing. You are obviously still as fit as ever. More power to your axle – if indeed you have one !

    Liked by 1 person

    • Dot – my dynamic crew really do look after me you know. But that A9 is a nasty dangerous road! Its no wonder a project has been launched to come up with routes for new off road cycle paths! Glad you are so concerned about my well being however!


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