Dash to Dunning in sun for tonic … with a splash of gin!

The “old gal” after the dash to Dunning sitting in the sun with tonic – and maybe a splash of gin!

Now Mothers Day presents my dynamic crew with a bit of a problem. There is the not insubstantial matter of a 140 mile round trip to see the “old git’s” Mum in Ayrshire – and this year the “old gal” was cooking to do a ‘meals on wheels’ treat.

So that ruled out any prospect of a ride out on the Sunday – but it didn’t stop the “old git” from scheduling in a quick tandem on the Saturday afternoon. You see he had been carefully watching the weather forecast in his anorak sort of way – and noticed that in no anoraks would be required this weekend!

In fact it was promising to be a tepid 15C with no wind! Too good an opportunity to be missed. But how to get the “old gal” to sign up for the trip – given that she doesn’t get back to Matildas Rest from working at her salon on a Saturday till nearer 3 o’clock in the afternoon.

Bingo – he had a cunning plan! So when the “old gal” returned from work, the “old gal” persuaded her to join him on a sunshine tandem ride – albeit only with the promise of an alfresco gin and tonic at a country pub at the nearby village of Dunning!

Bright sunshine as we left Matildas Rest on the warmest day of the year so far.

And it worked! So after a quick check of my gears, it was time for our Dash to Dunning along the scenic back roads from Matildas Rest in Auchterarder. You can check out the details of our route on Strava below – and don’t forget to click on the map image to be transferred to Strava to get the full data and statistics! 

It was a joy for Team Matilda to be out pedalling along breathing in the fresh air basking in the sun in the beautiful Perth and Kinross Countryside Trust and Perth and Kinross Council area near Perth City Centre. A perfect day to celebrate being a Perth 2021 supporter!

And despite her initial reluctance, the “old gal” did have the good grace to admit that she was actually glad the three of us had headed out – since it was such glorious, idyllic conditions.

The synchronicity factor for Team Matilda was high and we were literally flying along the country roads and in no time we had covered the initial 5 miles and were pedalling in to Dunning. We pulled up outside The Kirkstyle Inn which has been taken over by new owner Jamie Dexter Harrison on his return from Australia to Scotland.

And one of the big attractions for future re hydration stops for my dynamic crew when travelling through Dunning on longer routes, is that the Inn has a new gin bar featuring many of the new small-batch artisan Scottish gins  – including the “old gal’s” favourite: Love Gin from Eden Mill in St Andrews.

A tray of drinks for outside re hydration purposes at The Kirkstyle Inn.

So in order to fit in with the title of this blog the “old git” ordered two tonics – Fever Tree naturally – with a splash of Love Gin in them! And since it was such a warm sunny afternoon he dutifully carried them outside to the newly renovated outside drinks garden.

While enjoying the (well earned!?) drinks the “old gal” perused the Inn’s exciting looking new menu and decided this was a place we would return to for a meal to “test” the culinary delights on offer!

Cheers! Did someone mention an alfresco tonic with gin at the Kirkstyle Inn drinks garden.

And in an amazing development, the “old git” found out that the Inn is hosting a gin tasting night in April (26th).  Jamie told us his plan is to have a gin expert come along to showcase a few Scottish gems, which will be matched with food – as well as a lesson on what to mix and how to drink gin properly! And an even bigger attraction is that tickets cost just £10 – for three gins plus nibbles! I wonder if the “old git” will be able to persuade the “old gal” that the best way to arrive at the gin night is by tandem?!

After a nice relaxing sit in the warm sunshine it was time for my crew to get back on my saddles and head off on the return journey. But there was time for a quick photo to capture the daffodils bursting into bloom to add some Spring colour to the village.

Dunning was certainly bursting into colourful bloom in the warm Spring sunshine!

The return journey was just as easy! I am not sure if it was because my dynamic crew didn’t feel the pain after their tonic (with a splash of gin!) – but they kept up a good pace on the way back.

Back at Matildas Rest – with the  “old gal” and the “old git” buzzing with the endorphin boost created from the exercise – there was even more elation when they checked Strava to find that received six medals, including no less than FIVE personal bests on the ride!

Yes FIVE! And three of those PBs were recorded on the homeward leg – which traditionally is a bit harder and more of an uphill grind for my crew! Which just goes to show that the “old gal” and the “old git” are a good bit stronger … and fitter … than they believe! The proof of the pudding is in Strava … as cyclists say … it seems! (or in the gin!)

So Strava officially recorded the ride as covering a distance of  9.9 miles with a total moving time of 52.24 minutes, at a healthy average speed of 11.3 mph.

The total elapsed time was 1 hour 42 minutes – allowing for the relaxing gin and tonic! Top speed recorded was 24.6 mph and the elevation covered was 290 feet. Together we managed to burn up 590 calories, and produced an estimated average power output of 168 W.

All in all a good bit of exercise and loads more smiles squeezed into an all too brief time slot. But here’s to more sunny rides! And clearly #perthistheplace (for gin!)

6 thoughts on “Dash to Dunning in sun for tonic … with a splash of gin!

  1. This really does prove that you Scots are a hardy bunch. At 15c in shorts and T-shirts ( even if they are very nice indeed T-shirts). Ok I could do the sitting in the sun with a tonic ( with a splash of Gin ) but once actually tandeming along I would need a bit more covering. Although not as much as a nice red tent !!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Oh yes Jane, my dynamic crew are hardy! They need to be living up in Perthshire!I guess you are suffering from the Softie Southerners complex! And such a shame that your (fetching) red tent/cape is not required! You know how the “old git” had a bit of a thing for it!


  2. So now we know what we have long suspected…gin is the Old Git n’ Gal’s favourite drink (proved by those PBs on the return journey after their stop at the inn). We look forward to some PGBs (personal gin bests) at that tasting event later this month!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hello Skelbo Cylist! See you have changed your name again to the more local variation! Well yes gin is ONE of the drinks of choice … but prosecco is also high on the list let me tell you. Speaking from experience of course! And my dynamic crew say they love the idea of a new category of record … a PGB …. Personal Gin Best!!! Do you think Strava would approve?!!!


  3. I love this. It’s easy to slip into the “I’ve got work so I can’t do anything else” routine. Good for you. Looks like it was a nice day too

    Liked by 1 person

    • Very true Mel! The “old git” is a dab hand at trying to squeeze in a ride to take advantage of weather windows! Was perfect – with the added attraction of a Scottish gin!


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