Pedalling into social media, supporting Perth 2021, Sustrans Scotland goodies and more fame!

My new Twitter page heading with my @matildasmusings handle.

My new Twitter page heading with my @matildasmusings handle.

Well its been an exciting few days here at Matildas Rest – the result of which is that this “old lady” has again proved she is not too old to learn new tricks and has become a social media whizzkid!

Clearly I have always been good at computer technology – given that I write this blog – but until now I had resisted the temptation to enter the often confusing social media world of Facebook and Twitter. I had left that to my Captain to communicate with my followers on my behalf!

But as they say “every day is a school day” so I decided to take the plunge and go headfirst into a social media frenzy by creating both my very own Facebook page and a Twitter feed! And I am delighted with the results as both are “branded” to tie in with my blog!

I was delighted to find that the @matildasmusings handle was free for both services so I eagerly grabbed them. I started with Twitter – I had to add some pictures and write a little bit about myself. Where to start? So I got the “old git” to help as he considers himself to be a bit of wordsmith!

sm-new-twitter-smallHe came up with: Blogging classic tandem Matilda writes Musings about her adventures on the road focusing on tourism and food & drink experiences en route in Scotland + abroad!

I have to say he does have a way with words – just don’t tell him or he gets all big headed! – as it does what it says on the tin. Then I added where Matildas Rest is, and finally my blog website address and I was ready to send my first Tweet! It just announced that I was now live on Twitter – not that memorable! But Oooh the excitement that I am now  able to communicate directly with my fans! I am going to learn all the lingo – like using hashtags like #ScotSpirit which seems to perfectly encapsulate me!

So I would be delighted if you “followed” me and sent me a message by clicking the “follow” button after clicking on to my Twitter page here. I guess my only problem as an “old lady” will be keeping within the 140 characters allowed to get my message across! So I’ll have to tag lots of people, and develop a new form of MatildasMusings shorthand!

No such worries about restrictions on the number of words on Facebook however! It was equally easy to set up my own page –  again starting by adding in the same banner pictures to give it the same look as Twitter! It’s all got to look slick and  a seamless operation you know!

Then time for the words for the “About” page. This time I started with: The Facebook page of Matildas Musings which is a blog written by Matilda – the “old lady” classic tandem – and her Musings about her adventures, trials and tribulations with the “old git” and Captain, aka Colin, and the “old gal” and Chief Stoker (as well as Chief Engineer) aka Diane.

The header for my very own Facebook page with @matildasmusings handle.

The header for my very own Facebook page with my @matildasmusings handle.

I then added the same words as the Twitter biography – and my contact details and blog address. I thought I was finished, then Facebook asked for my mission! I thought of being witty with something like “to proudly go where no tandem has gone before” but in the end I settled for: “To promote all things tandem, tourism, and food & drink in Scotland and abroad.” Clever eh?!

So now I was live on Facebook and the very first message I posted was about how chuffed I was with my very own page – and the fact that it neatly ties in with my Twitter feed and my blog! I would be ecstatic if you “liked” my page and sent me a wee message by clicking the “like” button after clicking on to my Facebook page here.

I was on a roll, so next up was to change my profile pic – the one of my dynamic duo in their Saltire tandeming jerseys and me on the beach – in order to add my support to Perth 2021. This is the campaigning body promoting Perth’s bid to be named the first UK City of Culture in Scotland!

My Perth is the Place 2021 profile picture.

My Perth is the Place 2021 profile picture.

So as proud residents of Perthshire and to show Team Matildas support for the bid, I downloaded my very own Perth2021 Twibbon – which gave me a neat ribbon-style border for my profile photo which says “Perth is the Place 2021”. It is aimed at Twitter users but using my new found technology skills it was easy to make it my Facebook profile picture too. I just need to remember to use the hashtags #Perthistheplace and #Perth2021 now!

My message to pledge my support to Perth2021.

My message to pledge my support to Perth2021.

As the Perth2021 website states Perth is a unique city at the heart of Scotland’s story. Both the oldest city of Scotland – the ancient crowning place of Scottish kings – and the youngest, granted city status in 2012. The city wants City of Culture status in 2021 to:

  • create mass participation in culture and creative learning which enrich lives and remove barriers to access and enjoyment.
  • connect rural and urban communities through inspiring arts programmes which bring people and places together.
  • cultivate new cultural activity and talent, locally and across the UK.
  • collaborate on our creative economy, and be a place where artists, creative industries and business innovation can flourish.
  • challenge ideas about urban renewal – by being a great small city.

The 2021 team has been urging locals to become part of the bid by pledging support. So naturally I was more than happy to add my voice to the campaign with my own personal message!

So after my success in the social media world, I have had some presents recently from the very kind people at Sustrans Scotland who look after the National Cycle Network in Scotland.

The pile of goodies I received from Sustrans Scotland.

The goodies I received from Sustrans Scotland.

My new saddle covers!

My new saddle covers!

For the support of Team Matilda in promoting cycle paths around Scotland I received a pile of goodies including route maps, reflectors, lights and badges!

I was even sent a couple of Sustrans Scotland’s vivid green waterproof saddle covers which will make me look much more professional when I have the misfortune to get caught in the rain. I will certainly look better that the previous default position of having unglamorous supermarket carrier bags thrown over my seats by the “old gal”!

The Villagers article about me!

The Villagers article about me!

The last bit of news I have in this post is news of more fame – which may go to my handlebars! I am very proud as Team Matilda have been featured in a lovely full page article – “Fun in tandem with BLS community” – in The Villagers newspaper in Robroycountry reflecting on my recent fantastic visit to take in the cultural and foodie #BLiSStrail around Strathyre.

Regular readers of my blog will remember it was great fun for my dynamic crew to meet lots of local tourism business folk like people from Sula Furnishing, The Broch Cafe, Airlie House, Strathyre Outdoors and Strathyre Music Festival.

During a memorable Scottish music jam local band Balvaig and LETi chair Kim Proven of Briar Cottages, Lochearnhead performed a special version of my theme song which you can watch on Youtube here!

It was all wonderful, and if you haven’t already read it then you need to read my blog post on my BLiSSful Strathyre’s savoir-faire sojourn.

Guess who is on the front page of Roar's newsletter?!

Guess who is on the front page of Roar’s newsletter?!

I have also been featured on the front page of the newsletter of the charity Roar – Connections for Life  newsletter. Regular readers will remember that in January I paid a visit to their Paisley base and helped 91 year old John Chapman tick riding a tandem off his bucket list! John was a star!

Again, if you haven’t already read it then you meed to read my blog post Roaring to help 91 year old John tick riding a tandem off his bucket list! It really has a wow of a feelgood factor! What a #ScotSpirit

Now with all this social media stuff, pledges, presents and publicity, what I need to do is find some half decent weather to get my dynamic crew of the “old git” and the “old gal” back out on the open road, so I have some real tandeming to post about!

4 thoughts on “Pedalling into social media, supporting Perth 2021, Sustrans Scotland goodies and more fame!

  1. Sorry Matilda, I don’t begin to understand Twitter, and don’t even want to so please excuse me from that. I totally agree that you need to get out there on the roads , go girl .

    Liked by 1 person

    • Suitably excused Jane.I can tell you it does take a bit of getting used to – you could say #confusing! But at least Team Bluebird is on Facebook so we can link in Nutty Tandemers Club-style there! And yes Team Matilda need to get out on the roads – but need temperature to be a bit warmer to clock up some sensible miles!


      • You may be an old girl Matilda but you put some youngsters to shame. I hope you encourage more old and young folk to get “On Yer Bike” and seek new adventures like #BLiSStrail sculptures , Sustrans Cycle paths plus #robroycountry communities and hospitality. You must have a few wheel revs under yer belt. Your energy and lubrucation levels are exemplary. Its been a pleasure getting to know you. Kim xx

        Liked by 1 person

      • Oh well Kim, you know what some people say bout older girls – its the experience that counts! Love encouraging people of all ages – including you – to get on their bike! And what better area is there to encourage them to get out and about in than #robroycountry?
        Meantime, I can’t wait for your Fraser to fulfill his pledge to do his circus-style acrobatic feat of riding me backwards!That will be worthy of a whole blog on its own!
        And thank you for your kind comments re my energy – and as anyone of my tender years would say – its all about the lubrication!


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