Matildas Musings is a finalist in UK Blog Awards 2016

UKBA finalist_facebookGreat excitement at Matildas Rest and I am bouncing on my tyres with some amazing news! I can proudly reveal that my blog has become a finalist in the UK Blog Awards 2016.

I will say that again – as it sounds good – Matildas Musings is a finalist in the blogging Oscars!

So firstly a huge thanks to each and everyone of you who is a believer, and who took the time to vote to ensure I came out tops in the public vote. And to those who doubted I would become a finalist – well obviously you were outnumbered!

I can’t quite believe that out of more than 2,000 blogs who were nominated by the blogging community and entered into the awards, that my blog – the only blog to be written by a classic Jack Taylor tandem – has become one of the select final 10 receive such recognition in my category.

And I am more than chuffed to reveal that the category in which Matildas Musings is a finalist is the Most Innovative – which probably comes down to the fact that not many blog are written by a tandem!

I of course have to thank my esteemed ‘Team Tandem Ecosse’ crew for helping me achieve this sought after accolade – as I simply couldn’t have done it without my dynamic duo of the “old git” and “the old gal.”

You see, they give me so much opportunity and ammunition to use in my quest to be amusing! But they are secretly delighted at being listed as a finalist!

Particularly the “old git” who has been known to write a thing or two of his own in his work-life, and who I think is just a tad jealous! And the “old gal” is basking in the fame!

So what happens now I hear you ask?

Well the “old git” got an email telling us that the finalists are now all considered by a judging panel – specialists in each category.

It seems judging starts immediately and will be carried out remotely until Friday 19 February.

And the UK Blog Awards 2016 are encouraging finalists to connect with the judges via social media – on Twitter and Facebook – during the judging process. In the meantime I can wear my badge with pride across my social media channels.

For those who are interested in the competition I face to win the coveted award, you can read a synopsis of all ten finalists in the Most Innovative category here.

I have had a look and I am among a real cross-section of innovative blogs to reach the final. Others include blogs in the final include subjects such as guinea pigs, wildlife gadgets, duff Christmas films, heavy metal music, how to be thrifty, and even a blog about the adventures of a travelling mouse!

Just what the judges will make of all the finalists will be – to say the least – interesting!

After the judging process, the results will be revealed at the glitzy UK Blog Awards 2016 presentation evening being held at the end of April at the Park Plaza Hotel in Westminster, London.

The good news, no matter what happens at the awards evening, is that I can now proudly refer to Matildas Musings as a UK Blog Award finalist – quite an honour indeed.

I just wonder if the “old git” can get a special tandem badge made up so people would know my fame when they see me!

You’ll excuse me if we all go now and have a wee glass of fizz to celebrate!

Thanks again for all your support!

UKBA finalist_facebook


4 thoughts on “Matildas Musings is a finalist in UK Blog Awards 2016

  1. Bluebird is very excited about that, especially the thought of being mentioned in a Blog Finalists blog. She has decided to reciprocate in some small way by asking me to revive Travels With Bluebird for our various rally holidays. Therefore proving that The Nutty Tandemers really do exist !!!


    • Oooooh exciting, so I get to appear in another blog thingy as well! All this fame will go to my head! Cross-blogging – now that’s a whole new subject. And so glad there will be fellow Nutty Tandemers to keep my crew happy and to give me some new material to write about!


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