Vote for Matildas Musings in the UK Blog Awards 2016!

votenow_odeon_facebookThe start of a New Year and lots of excitement at Matildas Rest as voting is now open for the UK Blog Awards 2016.

You may remember in December this “old lady” was delighted when the “old git” received an email saying that my blog – yes Matildas Musings – had received recognition from the blogging community and had been nominated in the UK Blog Awards 2016.

And believe it or not it has been nominated in two separate categories – travel and most innovative. (Not sure what is innovative about the blog … other than the fact that a tandem is writing it … but I suppose that is fairly unusual in itself!)

So now that voting is open, I need to encourage all you lovely readers of my musings – fellow tandemers or just friends and interested parties – to vote for my blog! We need as many votes as we can!

I have just been reading over all the rules and to vote all you do is simply click here to record your vote in the blog awards

That takes you direct to the Matildas Musings page on the UK Blog Awards 2016 website where you can read all about the blog and why it is nominated.

Click on the “vote now” image and you will be directed to a short form where you will be asked for your name and email address.

In the select category section there is a drop down arrow which reveals the categories that Matildas Musings is nominated under. Please click on the one which says Travel + Most Innovative as that means you vote in both categories at the same time!

You will receive a confirmation email once your vote has been registered.

The rules state that you can vote once every day until the closing date of Monday 25 January. Therefore, you may vote using the same email address more than once, but on separate days.

So please get voting – simply click here to record your vote in the blog awards.

And feel free to vote for Matildas Musings as many times as you can! Put in your daily planners until Monday 25 January. Remember every vote counts!

You will be making this “old lady” classic Jack Taylor tandem – and my crew of the “old git” and the “old gal” – very happy as we see all the votes being registered.

Thanks for your support!



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