Tandeming Christmas presents galore including a book of my musings!

My Christmas present - shiny new water bottles!

My Christmas present – shiny new stoker and captain water bottles!

Excitement reached fever pitch at Matilda’s Rest on Friday when Christmas Day finally arrived! The “old git” – who should really be re-named Santa over the festive period! – made sure everyone had their ‘ho! ho! ho!’ on, whether they wanted to or not!

On Christmas Eve the “old gal” even put on her Christmas jumper to signal she was in the mood for Santa’s arrival. She had whispered to me that I was getting a present all for myself so I could hardly contain myself! And I knew the “old git” had been planning something with my blog as a present for the “old gal” so it was an exciting time! I could hardly sleep and I am sure I heard Santa’s jingle bells as he delivered his presents around Perthshire!

The “old git” was up early on Christmas morning making sure that Santa had arrived – and he certainly delivered filling the “old gal’s” stockings to overflowing!

Finally it was time for my dynamic duo to tear open their presents. The thing the “old git” had been scheming away about with my blog was turning the whole of my Musings describing our tandeming tour adventures in Bordeaux during September into a hard back coffee table book.

My Musings of our Bordeaux adventures turned into a coffee table book!

My Musings of our Bordeaux trip turned into a coffee table book!

I must say even I was impressed at the what the “old git” had achieved – and you know I’m not easily impressed! – and as for the “old gal” well she thought it was a brilliant idea! There was even a wee tear in the corner of her eye as she read the “old git’s” soppy dedication at the front of the book! Awh shucks!

Each page is in glossy colour and the book is essentially a full record of each day of my blog – including all the photos – as they appeared on-line! A great permanent record of a fabulous trip! And great fun to flick through and bring back those memories of the days in my saddles in warm sunshine, and the great picnics and wines!

And as a special Christmas treat for readers of my blog you can take a look at the complete book (in a pdf version) by clicking on the title of the book here: A Tour de Vineyards et Beaches de Bordeaux du Tandem.

So then it was time to open my present, and the “old git” and the “old gal” made sure Santa delivered a nice pair of shiny new water bottles – complete with “Captain” and “Stoker” on them!

Santa delivered new water bottles for my frame!

Santa delivered new water bottles for my frame!

The “old gal” lovingly fitted them to my water bottle cages and this “old lady” suddenly felt full of festive cheer! I mean it is not every tandem that gets a special present all to themselves! The “old git” said that it must have been because I was a “good girl” as only “good girls” get presents from Santa!

Then before the big Christmas meal, it was time for the “old gal” and the “old git” to open some more presents from friends! And some had excelled themselves with tandem themed gifts! There was a lovely tandem cushion and a tandem mug – albeit the “old git” was a bit miffed that there was only one mug – and that was for the “old gal”!

Tandem themed Christmas gifts from friends!

Tandem themed Christmas gifts from friends!

The “old gal” quickly replied that the “old git” could get a shot of the tandem cushion to put his saddle sore you-know-what on after a hard day’s tandeming! Oh how we (well me and the old gal at least!) laughed!

The rest of Christmas day was spent in a blur of preparing, cooking and then eating and drinking! Pride of place on the festive table were two bottles of top-of-the-range red wines which had been brought back from the wine capital town of St Emillion – bought on the last day of the French tour.

The “old gal” was in seventh heaven when she uncorked them and tasted the contents! The magnificent flavours really did bring back fantastic memories, and a toast was made to doing a similar wine-tasting tandeming trip in 2016 – with the Loire Valley already earmarked as the destination!

Filled like stuffed turkeys, the “old git” and the “old gal” were hoping for some tandem-friendly weather for Boxing Day – so we could all get out to blow away the cobwebs!

But unfortunately it was very stormy around Matilda’s Rest – and very, very wet! So the Boxing Day excursion had to be cancelled. And therefore the “old git” and the “old gal” had to make do with eating leftovers, and enjoying some of the boxes of chocolates while watching rubbish Christmas television.

Oh, but there was the small colourful addition of them cuddling up on the sofa in their animal onesies which Santa had delivered for them both!

The "old git" and the "old gal" in their Tiger and Zebra onesies!

The “old git” and the “old gal” in their Tiger and Zebra onesies!

The “old git” is already trying to persuade the “old gal” that it would make a good blog and photos to cycle in the onesies! But she has firmly said “no”! Well at least for the moment…..!

In the meantime all three of us are hoping the weather improves so we can all get back out on the road.

So finally, I hope all readers of my Musings has a lovely Christmas and that Santa brought you and your tandems what you wanted! If not then the only explanation is that you were on the “naughty” list!


9 thoughts on “Tandeming Christmas presents galore including a book of my musings!

  1. Sounds like a wonderful and exciting day for you Matilda. Did the “old git” show you the photo of Bluebirds Christmas pressy ? She’s got a companion now for those lonely times in the garage.


    • Yes, amidst all the excitement of my own presents, the “old git” showed me the picture of “Golly” and all I could say was “Gosh!” I just hope the PC brigade don’t start kicking up a stink – but all of us at Matilda’s Rest think its great to see Bluebird won’t be lonely in the garage! My New Year resolution for Hogmanay will obviously have to be to meet up with Bluebird in 2016! I feel sure us “old lady’s” will get on well!


  2. Hi there again, Matty. Merry Xmas. Very nice to read about and see the old dears’ presents but I wanted to see yours. Where’s your onesie? In your new shed perhaps beside the new blanket and new oil and new bell and new tyres and all the other new “stuff” you asked Santa for ? I fear not !!!!


    • Well Dot, my dynamic duo are very good to me! And I DID get new water bottles! And the “old gal” has promised me a good rub down with an oily rag to keep my chain pedalling sweetly! What more can a girl ask for?! And as for my onesie – wouldn’t I need a twosie as of course I am a tandem made for two!


  3. PC brigade ?? Huh don’t worry about that, Golly was rescued from a cold and damp grass verge, proving that we are totally PC. Otherwise he would have been left to pine away ! Jolly good Hogmanay resolution there Matilda, will tell Bluebird and just know she will totally agree.


    • Perfect! Can’t wait to show Bluebird around my home patch! Even if you don’t sit upright! Lol! But I am still sure we will get on! We can get up to some mischief while the members of The Nutty Tandemers are merry making!


  4. Happy New Year to Matilda and her Captain and Stoker and here’s to lots of happy cycling…sorry, I mean tandeming, in 2016! A beautiful cold and clear day up here in Sutherland as the final day of the year draws to a close. My memorable moments of 2015? Your festive Santa and Rudolph outfits, closely followed by those tiger and zebra onesies, will take some beating!! A’ the best from ‘Skelbo cyclist’


    • And very best wishes to you to ‘Skelbo Cyclist’ – thanks for tour support and witty pun-filled comments during 2015. Hopefully there will be lots more adventures to report on in 2016! Cheers from Auchterarder from the “old git”, the “old gal” and of course me, the “old lady” and star of the show!


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