Christmas wishes to fellow tandemers who know its always better together!

Crimbo card 2015

Jingle bells, jingle bells
jingle all the way!
Oh what fun
it is to ride
On a tandem made for two …. !!! 

With the big day fast approaching and thoughts turning to turkey and tinsel and mistletoe and (mulled) wine this “old lady” decided it was time to wish readers of my musings and fellow tandemers everywhere (and even solo cyclists!) a very merry Christmas on behalf of Team Matilda.

The “old git” being a huge fan of the Christmas period is in a festive frenzy – while the “old gal” is enjoying the (mulled) wine while trying to exert a calming influence!

However they are hoping to squeeze in a couple of rides over the festive period – including a “blow away the cobwebs” tandem to welcome in the New Year in the first couple of days of 2016.

So stay tuned for that … but in the meantime my dynamic duo of the “old git” and the “old gal” would like to thank you all for reading my musings this year and following their adventures! And thanks for all your messages of support!

We hope you found it entertaining – and that it made you smile – while finding something that you (as non-professional fun-loving fellow tandemers) could relate to!

There will be many more musings during 2016 – hopefully including the build-up to and the day-to-day reports of the planned Team Tandem Ecosse’s annual trip to France to enjoy the vineyards, which this year is going to be a “Tour de Loire Valley du Tandem”!

For anyone wondering, the Christmas card image is a snow-sprinkled image from our 2015 tour of the Medoc area of Bordeaux – which included some fantastic scenery including this picture taken at the wild and beautiful Atlantic coast beach resort of  Soulac-sur-Mer.

So here’s to a wonderful festive season to all. And on behalf of all captains and stokers everywhere – lets hope Santa fills your Christmas stockings with all the good things you have put on your present list!

Mind you, that does make an assumption that you are on the “good tandemers” list rather than the “naughty tandemers list!”

And remember: It truly is always better when you’re together on a tandem”!!

So have a “twice the fun” Merry Christmas from Colin, Diane … (and of course) Matilda!

Crimbo card 2015



6 thoughts on “Christmas wishes to fellow tandemers who know its always better together!

  1. A very happy Christmas to you and your team Matilda, I hope the weather is kind and that you are able to stretch your wheels over the festive period.


  2. Sorry to hear your switch-on lights plans were blighted by snow but loved the Old Git and Old Gal’s Santa and Rudolph costumes! Happy Christmas from your friends in Skelbo, Sutherland, have a good one! PS. Will Matilda be allowed over the Forth Road Bridge when it re-opens tomorrow?


    • It really was fun and we got some amazing looks when dressed as Santa and Rudolph! We may have to go back out on Thursday night to cause a bit of a stir! And as for the Forth Road Bridge – well you see it is not open to heavy vehicles – so we will need to wait until it is fully open!


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