A 16 mile canter to test new axle

Gin o'clock - pit stop in the sun at the Kirkstyle Inn

Gin o’clock – sunshine stop at the Kirkstyle Inn

After the trauma of my major operation last week to replace my pedal crank shaft, the “old git” was keen to get back out on the road to test my roadworthiness. And, I suppose he had a point with the countdown clock now showing exactly two weeks to go till we set off for Bordeaux.

The “old gal” was actually keen to get back on the saddle, as it would have to be said she had lost a little of her confidence during the major equipment malfunction during last weekend’s training run – when the pedal shaft broke clean off.

So a short canter to the nearby village of Forteviot was planned, covering a distance of 16 miles with a few hills thrown in to give my new axle a real testing.

Fortunately it was another glorious sunny Sunday morning and soon we were fair motoring along with ease – with the “old git” and the “old gal” quickly getting the feeling that I was back to full working order.

I was very happy to see them smile as I knew I had been fixed properly, and the feeling that I – as an “old lady” classic tandem had let them down due to metal fatigue – quickly disappeared.

In what seemed like no time we were tandeming through the village of Dunning – past our country pub pit stop of the Kirkstyle Inn, where we planned to pause on the return journey – heading further out into the country for another three miles.

And in just over half an hour we arrived in Forteviot – an ancient Pictish capital of Scotland, where King Kenneth MacAlpin died in the 9th Century.

The village “square” has some very quaint houses which were rebuilt for the workers of Dupplin Estate in 1927 and are beautifully maintained.

The beautiful focal point of Forteviot.

The beautiful focal point of Forteviot.

After a quick walk around in the warm sunshine, Team Matilda set off on the return journey. The wind had started to blow a bit, and cycling into the breeze slowed us down a bit on the way back – as did the long slow grind out of Forteviot towards Dunning.

So as we pulled in to Dunning, the “old gal” was more than ready for her promised g+t stop at the Kirkstyle Inn. After all it was Sunday lunchtime, and it would have been rude to tandem past! So “gin o’clock” it was!

I had a nice rest beside the lovely beer garden as the “old gal” and the “old git” enjoyed their cooling drinks – to give their legs new-found energy for the last five miles back to Matilda’s Rest.

A welcome stop (and drink!) in the warm sunshine!

A welcome stop (and drink!) in the warm sunshine!

Dunning is a very beautiful little historical village and volunteers have worked wonders with floral displays – making it a very colourful place.

Dunning looking colourful with all the blooms!

Dunning looking colourful with all the blooms!

So fortified by their stop, the dynamic duo decided to make a push for home – to give both themselves and me a bit of a workout.

I have to say I came off  best as it was easy for me, cantering along the country roads. But as the for the “old git”, whisper it, but he seemed a bit red in the face with his exertions! The “old gal” was calm and controlled as ever!

And just a little bit longer than the outward journey, to take account of the breezy conditions and the uphill inclines, we were back home.

Everyone happy with the outing and the test of my new part! So job done!

Now where is that French phrase book again – I really do need to get studying it!


2 thoughts on “A 16 mile canter to test new axle

  1. Bonjour Matty, j’espere tu es firing on all cylinders. I do hope that your old dears will look after you en France.
    It won’t be as easy to find quality bits for your beautiful chassis in a strange land. Make sure they pack plenty of tlc’s !


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