Tour de Bordeaux maps arrive


Maps, maps and more maps – what could possibly go wrong?!

The countdown is well and truly on!

Less than four weeks to go till the Grand Depart of the Tour de Bordeaux du Tandem. With excitement reaching fever pitch, the “old git” was almost doing cartwheels of joy (well he would have been, if he was fit enough!) when the package of travel documents arrived from travel company Exodus.

This contained what has been nicknamed “the bible” by the “old gal” as she is responsible for map reading on the tandem, as the “old git” focuses on steering and balance!

“The bible” is essentially a highly detailed set of directions for each day of the ‘Cycle the Vineyards & Beaches of Bordeaux’ tour – as it is a self-guided trip. Those of you who enjoyed my musings about last year’s epic trip to Burgundy will be well aware of the “discussions” that arose at certain junctions en route!

This year the “old git” has graciously promised to do as instructed – but clearly the “old gal” remains unconvinced this will be the reality!

To help guide my dynamic duo in the correct direction, the document pack also included a large-scale cycle map of the Medoc triangle of Bordeaux along with detailed trip notes about what to expect as we cycle along,  and a list of the interesting and quaint hotels that we are staying in  along the way.

You can check out the specific details of the ‘Cycle the Vineyards & Beaches of Bordeaux’ tour – including downloading the trip notes – from the Exodus web-site by clicking here.

With so many maps, and directions – plus the Michelin Green Guide for the area – what could possibly go wrong?!


The large scale cycle map showing the Medoc triangle of our tour.

My dynamic duo will have to look out their map reading system – effectively an army map reading folder, which hangs on the “old git’s” back – which allows the “old gal” to read the maps and directions as ‘Team Matilda’ cycles along at our leisurely pace.

One thing is for sure, I am not taking the blame if they end up like the lyrics of the fabulous Bonnie Tyler classic “Lost in France!”


One thought on “Tour de Bordeaux maps arrive

  1. Should be a most enjoyable trip Matilda, however with all the mentions of vineyards I do hope the “oldies” don’t have a wine tasting too many and forget where they left you.


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