Nous sommes arrive

Its Monday 8th September and Team Tandem Ecosse have arrived safely in Beaune in Burgundy in France.

Between them the “old git” and the “old gal” have driven 900 miles since leaving central Scotland – and headed for France, via the Eurotunnel – and we have arrived at the start point for the Tour de Tandem de Villages and Vineyards of Burgundy.

And it is hot! very hot! The mercury hit 24 C this afternoon, and I was “fair meltin'” in the Matilda Transporter – even with the aircon on full blast!

I predict some very sweaty riders over the next few days as we head off on the grand adventure – with similar temperatures forecast. That means I will need to remind the “old git” regularly to apply the sun screen however – as he is very prone to sunburn with his sensitive skin. The “old gal” has just said: “It’s the only thing that is sensitive about him!”  But I feel sure she is kidding! Right?

So demain (getting right into the lingo here) we head off on stage 1 of the grand tour – heading through some of the world-famous vineyards – ending up in Nolay some 28 miles away.

The good thing is that the luggage gets moved by a van from hotel to hotel, so I wont have to carry all that excess weight.

It has actually been quite a relaxing couple of days all in all – Sunday saw the 500 mile drive to Folkestone and thru the tunnel for a kip stop in Calais.

Then today it was down thru France for another 400 miles. But as I say the sun shone and the “old git” and the “old gal” really felt they were on holiday. they even had breakfast outside at a ‘station service’ – that’s a service station to you and me.

Breakdast selfie

Smile! Breakfast in the French sunshine en route to Beaune.

We all arrived outside the antique themed Hotel des Remparts in Beaune about 4pm – with me being unloaded and parked up in a very trendy bike rack.

Clearly other people are doing similar trips – but on single bikes. I am chuffed to say there are no other tandems around.

The “old git” even got me a nice new saltire flag to hang from the “lollipop” which warns drivers that we are a wide load. And the “old gal” dutifully remembered to switch it to the other side of the bike as we are going to be cycling on the wrong side of the road for the next week!

After my duo had unpacked and made sure I was ok in the quaint leafy courtyard, the “old git” took a picture of me which I have to say made me look rather cool. The flash went off and it highlighted all my reflector panels – it looks very trendy!

Mat reflect 2

Flash! Don’t my reflector panels look snazzy in the flashlight!

The dynamic duo decided they would celebrate the start of the holiday with a nice dinner in Beaune – while sampling the delights of the local Cremant de Bourgogne, which is a sensational creamy fizz.

The “old gal” thought she had died and gone to heaven – it was so good! They both immediately decided that room for a case of Cremant would need to be found on the way home!

Di Cremant

Cheers! Cremant de Bourgogne is the new champers!

The bubbly washed down some duck breast for the “old gal” and a nice steak for the “old git” followed by a plate of some very tasty fromage!

Then it was back to the hotel and lots of zzz’s before an early rise as we set off on the 180 mile journey tomorrow.

Fingers crossed!

 A bientot !


One thought on “Nous sommes arrive

  1. Bonjour Matty, now you have exited the “Matty-Pad”. I see they are making you travel all of 28 miles ! Do you know how kilometres that is ? I would want more than mates rates for all that. Make sure the old dears give you proper oil and not third rate French stuff.
    Maintenant, enjoyez le soleil. None here le soir !


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