The final countdown – and a cheeky image!


The excitement is reaching fever pitch at “Matilda’s Rest” with only three more sleeps to go, so this is probably the last posting before me, the “old git” and the “old gal” – aka “Team Tandem Ecosse” – head off for Burgundy.

Just a quickie really, as it’s all go – what with the packing, and list making, and of course the new list making! I mean, if you sit still long enough the “old git” will either pack you or attach you to his lists on his officious looking clipboard!

But the long-suffering “old gal” – who has been doing lots of sweet smiling – knows it’s all to ensure that nothing is left to chance, and we have everything we could possibly need with us to cover every eventuality.

Last night it was my turn for final preparations, and the “old gal” gave me a nice wash and polish up. I must say, if I was chocolate I would eat myself as my paintwork is really gleaming! I even got my chain lubricated – and you know what a difference a wee bit of lubrication can make at my age!

Next up, it was checking the tool kit, and the first aid kit, before packing them into my nifty panniers – which also now contain emergency hi-vis vests, a picnic kit, and suncream!

Yes the suncream (and sunglasses) hopefully will be essentials as the forward weather forecast for the area around Beaune is showing 30 C for the first few days of tandeming on the tour of the Vineyards and Villages of Burgundy. The duo could possibly even return home with Tour de France arms!

So that’s me all packed and raring to go. The “old git” and the “old gal” just have to get their tandeming gear together now, and pack up their other clothes.

So the schedule is mad packing Friday night, I get packed into Tandem Transporter Saturday afternoon, then the “Grand Depart” on Sunday at 8am.

Just before I go – as the “old git” is mouthing off some other instruction – I wanted to show you this cheeky tandeming mock-up image that a pal of the “old gal” sent her via Facebook. I mean, it fair took my breath away!

Naked tandemers

A cheeky image of how one of the “old gal’s” pals see the dynamic duo! Shocking!

As if you would ever see the “old gal” and the “old git” tandeming like that. I mean the “old git” never wears socks with his sandals. That is just a major no!!!!

But I had a quick word with them both, just in case, and they have both promised that they will not be  getting up to any of that behaviour in Burgundy  – after all, as the “old gal” said: “Naked tandeming would be a bit sore on my bum!”

Zut alors!



5 thoughts on “The final countdown – and a cheeky image!

  1. Well Matty, what can I say? Totally speechless with admiration . I wouldn’t meander through La Belle France with two old dears on my back for all the tea in China – but as I don’t drink tea anyway… Now a crate of beer ( severely chilled) is a different story! Have a wonderful, wonderful time and do take great of yourself and your precious cargo !!,


  2. The cheeky pic will live long in the memory, in fact it’s almost enough to send you in-Seine! We look forward to some equally colourful photo action from your forthcoming adventure (something tells me wine may be involved!) I like the sound of the Old Git’s high-vis emergency vests…could be useful if they get lost in a vinyard. Good luck! Bon Voyage…..


  3. Oh Tilly please make sure that “Old Git” will remember to travel on the wrong side of the road or it could all be more of an adventure than you had envisaged! Also please make sure that not too much of the local beverage hasn’t been consumed before the next trip on to somewhere and I am not meaning cafe au lait either!! Have a wonderful break and best wishes to those daft two that seem to follow you where ever you go!!!


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