Trip t-shirts and maps arrive!

Quelle excitement!! (See I am learning the lingo!) With just over a week to go till “Team Tandem”set off for the Tour de Burgundy du Tandem excitement is reaching fever pitch at Matilda’s Rest (that’s what I call the house, you see!)

The “old git” persuaded the “old gal” that they needed new t-shirts for the trip to make them stand out! The “old gal” decided that they should be funny, and say “Two old farts on a tandem” complete with a tandem logo. The “old git” agreed – but said they should be bi-lingual shirts, with the English version on one side and French on the other!

So after in-depth consultation with Google translation and a friendly linguist, they came up with the phrase: “Deux vieux schnoques sur un tandem” for the French version.

Then it was simply a matter of handing over the design artwork to a good friend of the “old gal” called Gill, who along with her husband Kevin run Sprinterz in Perth – who are digital print and embroidery specialists.

The highly-professional team at Sprinterz came up trumps producing t-shirts in electric pink lightweight cool material, with black printing. There was even space for the web address for my blog! Clever guys or what?

Old farts t-shirts WP_002049

 The bi-lingual “old farts” t-shirts – in electric pink. There is no hiding place! 

Gill was good enough to deliver them to Matilda’s Rest – and when the “old git” saw them, I thought he was going to have heart failure as he was so excited! Think of the famous three “yes” moment when Meg Ryan eats a pizza in ‘When Harry Met Sally’ and you will kind of get the idea!

However I have to admit they are rather nifty, and the coolest thing about them is that the “old git’s” has the French version on the front and English on the back, while the “old gal” has hers the other way! That means if they are walking side by side in France, no one will be in any doubt about who they are!

If you ask me they are a right pair of attention seekers, but then I am just jealous – albeit I totally agree with the “old farts” sentiment on the shirts!

The shirts really are brilliantly designed and made – and here is the plug … if you need t-shirts or any kind of items digitally printed or embroidered then you have to contact them! You won’t be disappointed!

Now if that wasn’t enough excitement for the “old git” a package of travel documents arrived from travel company Exodus.

This contained detailed directions for each day as it is a self-guided trip; a large-scale map of Burgundy; trip notes about what to expect en route; and a list of the quaint hotels that we are staying in  along the way.

You can check out the details of the Cycling the Villages and Vineyards of Burgundy trip from the Exodus web-site by clicking here.

maps 3

Maps, maps and more maps – what could possibly go wrong?

With so many maps, and directions, the “old git” will be in his element – but he has graciously handed over the daily direction finding to the “old gal”. I mean with so many maps and instructions, what could possibly go wrong?

All the dynamic duo have to do is come up with some kind of system whereby the “old gal” can actually read the trip notes and directions as they cycle along!

One thing is for sure, I am not taking the blame if they end up “Lost in France!”

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