Gearing up – just three weeks to go!

So just three weeks till the Tour de Burgundy du Tandem and its been an eventful few days as the countdown continues to the departure date. Firstly, the “old git decided to get some publicity cards printed up for my blog – Matildas Musings – so they can give them out if anyone asks about their grand trip.

And even though the “old gal” and I team up to take the mickey out of some of his ideas from time to time, I have to say this time the results are not bad. I now have a very professionally designed business card which shows the three of us on the front in glossy colour.


The front of my business card for my blog – I am now official!

As you can see from the image above, not only does it have the web address for the blog – but also the description of what the blog is about – all written over that picture taken at Balmaha during the Two Loch Challenge.

I must say the two ladies in the picture are looking very slim line and sleek – shame about the “old git” really, but I suppose you can’t have everything! He tells me it is muscle .. but I have my doubts!

And the back of the card contains a nice tandem logo and contact details for the “old git” and “the old gal.”


The reverse side of my new business card.

I must say, I don’t know why my contact details are not printed on the card as I am the start of the show – but I suppose I do get the full blog address emblazoned across it – twice!

Apart from the excitement of the business cards, I have been back in tandem hospital since my last outing on Millport. I was raced so fast round the island that it seems I broke a couple of spokes. My personal surgeon Ally at J M Richards Cycles in Perth welcomed me back and decided that my rear wheel needed rebuilt.

Now those of you who have read all the blog postings will remember the section “Under repair” where – among many other new parts – I got a rebuilt back wheel. But given that spoke shave broken on a few occasions, Ally decided that a complete rebuild would be the answer to strengthen my rear end. Well, I mean, I do have to carry a fair weight with the combined mass of the “old git” and the “old gal”!

They really know how to look after me there and treat me with the respect that an “old lady” deserves! And my owners were mightily pleased when there was “no charge” as it was all under guarantee.

Soon I was back on my wheels and ready for action and the “old git” checked the weather forecast on Saturday afternoon. The verdict was “sunny spells” – but what he forgot to look at was the wind speed. As soon as we headed off on the training run on the back road to Blackford – it was clear it was blowing a hoolie!

I mean there were winds of around 25 mph blowing around – which created an interesting crosswind effect when it came in from the side.

But they weren’t to be deterred and we kept pedalling – although progress was somewhat slower than normal due to the headwinds! And then half way along – the heavens opened and a we all got rained on! Fortunately it didn’t last long and as we cycled back our spirits were buoyed by a most magnificent full rainbow arching across the Perthshire countryside.

The “old gal” didn’t want to stop and lose momentum to take a picture, otherwise I could show you it here. I secretly think she thought if we stopped – we would all get rained on again. So – as the saying goes – she kept calm and tandemed on!

Keep calm tandem image

The mantra of the “old gal” in the hoolie!

The  return journey was quite literally a breeze – with the tailwind helping us along in record time!

Another good run completed, with the “old git really getting the hang of the gears now – much to the delight and quiet satisfaction of the “old gal” who can now actually sometimes breathe going up hills!

The route maps and hotel details for the French tour should arrive this week – and that should be exciting as we will get to see where exactly we are going to be cycling.

Oh yes, and there is the small matter of cycling on the other side of the road! That should be fun!

One thought on “Gearing up – just three weeks to go!

  1. We know about the ‘Auld Alliance’ but does France know what it is letting itself in for? Let’s hope there’s no ‘revolution’ when the Old Git and Old Gal try to agree on the route using those French maps!


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