Carrot (cake) and the stick!

Birdhouse bakery inside with carrot cake

The “world-famous” carrot cake at the Birdhouse Bakery in Muthill, as featured on ‘Britain’s Best Bakery’.

Seems to be habit this tandem riding on a Sunday! The “old git” had planned an early wake-up call – much to the displeasure of the “old gal” who wanted some shut-eye after a late Saturday night with friends Ann and Jack during which some red wine had been partaken. But on opening the blinds the weather was not conducive to an early morning departure – there was low cloud and rain.

I was desperate to get out – but the duo decided I would need to wait till the afternoon to get the wind between my spokes as the weather forecast was set to improve.

And so about 2pm, the rain had stopped and the mist had lifted, and we were off. Destination was the village of Muthill, an easy (for me, anyway) 8 mile canter away.

The “old git” was using his persuasive techniques on the “old gal” with the “carrot” of a coffee and some fantastic carrot cake at the coffee shop in the village. (Get it? Carrot cake being the “carrot”?! Well I thought it was quite a funny line – but then I have as weird a sense of humour as the “old git”!) Anyway, the “old gal” went for it like a mouse after cheese and Chief Pilot and Chief Stoker flew along the country roads in grand style.

Only problem was a brief mechanical pit stop when the “old git” changed gears too suddenly – trying to go from 3-6 to 2-2 and my chain sprung off. But Chief Engineer (aka the “old gal”) was on the case and just a few seconds after getting the latex gloves on (ooooh matron!) the chain was back on my cogs and we were off again.

I have to say the “old git” is actually getting much better at using my 18 gears now – and making it much easier for them to pedal – we are usually in “big 2” gears for flat surfaces; moving up to “big 3” gears for downhill stages; and of course using “big 1” gears for uphill.

The old pair are even managing to get up quite steep climbs now – when the “old git” remembers to “throw a gear at it” as the “old gal” is wont to shout at him – and quite often they end up in 1-1 – but it works and they keep the momentum  going – and as the “old git” keeps reminding the “old gal” – it’s all about momentum!

So in just 50 minutes we had covered the 8 miles and arrived in Muthill where they parked me up – looking resplendent if I may say so – outside the Birdhouse Bakery – which is now rather famous as it was a finalist in Britain’s Best Bakery on tv.

Birdhouse Bakery outside

This is me parked up – and looking resplendent – outside the Birdhouse Bakery.

They tell me that the carrot cake is to die for – indeed it is described in the book of the tv series as one of the best in Britain – so I guess it must be good. Anyway my owners polished off a massive big slice each, washed down with a lovely coffee.

They even took a picture of said carrot cake – and told the owner’s about my blog! Fame at last! And my owners are finally promising to tell people about Matildas Musings so their friends can read my scribblings! I will be dead chuffed when people comment and tell me how good a writer I am! Lol!

And what did I get while I waited patiently outside – nothing … not even a drink of water. But I did get a few admiring glances from people as they passed which is always good for my ego as I am a bit of an old gal myself!

So after that refuelling we were off again on the route home – another 8 miles but ending in a  different direction with a long slow climb back into Auchterarder! The “old git” said to the “old gal” that it would be ideal training! I didn’t think they would manage it – but they did and had a great triumphant feeling as a result.

Just as an aside tho – there was one very steep hill just after Kinkell Bridge that they decided to walk up. And I must tell you of a very funny happening. As they took a breather at the top of the hill another cyclist appeared who had pedalled up the hill.

He stopped to admire my frame and said I was looking magnificent – and that I must be fairly old. So the “old git” tried to be funny and said that she was old – about 50 years old … and that meant he was “out with two old girls” in a cheeky reference to Chief Stoker.

The “old git” really should know better – because he was gazumped when the very nice gentlemen replied as quick as a flash: “Ah two old girls and one fat bloke!” The “old git” was fuming – but me and the “old gal” both fell about laughing. It really was quite a put down! The “old gal” was even heard muttering “yes!” as we cycled off back home!

But, you know, the pair enjoyed the carrot cake so much that the “old gal” has only gone and got a copy of the recipe from the coffee shop – and is now promising to make her own version of it.

But – as the “old git” pointed out – the big question is … will the “old gal’s” cake be as good as the Birdhouse Bakery’s version …..

Only time will tell!

And how will the “old git” be able to use that as a “carrot” for their next adventure?!

I’m sure he will find a way!

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